A Consultation Workshop for Designing an ODL Course Catalogue for the Pacific

A consultation workshop for designing an ODL Course Catalogue for the Pacific was held between August 19 and September 9. During the five workshops, teachers from the nine countries have been invited to review a prototype and provide their feedback on how ODL Course Catalogue could be improved and more useful for teachers in the region. Prior to the workshop, over 250 teachers have participated in a survey.

During the meeting, findings from a survey with teachers were first presented, followed by a discussion with the following key questions:

  • Is the ODL course catalogue site visually appealing to Pacific teachers?
  • Have we identified the right educational areas?
  • Do we provide the right information about each course?
  • Is the ODL course catalogue easy to use?
  • What should we change to improve the resource?
  • Is there anything we can learn from other online learning platforms?

Based on the feedback gathered from the teachers, a guideline was developed for a service provider who would further upgrade/redesign an ODL Course Catalogue.