[DATE EXTENDED] Call for proposals: Mid-term Evaluation

We are currently seeking a team to conduct the mid-term evaluation of the Partnership for ODFL in the Pacific Project covering the period from 1 November 2020 – 30 November 2022.


The process of selection will be premised on at least three factors: (1) established competence in M&E of multi-country projects with evidence of successful prior engagement in similar projects; (2) value for money as evident in costs quoted; and (3) experience in working with small island developing states in the Pacific region. Please see relevant details from the Terms of Reference. 

Terms of Reference: https://www.col.org/request-for-proposal

Proposal submission deadline: January 31, 2023 (Pacific Time)

Please submit a proposal (including detailed budget and any other attachments) in a single email to: opportunities@col.org by Tuesday, January 31, 2023 (Pacific Time) with the subject line ‘Mid-term evaluation: Pacific Partnership’.