Skilling youth for employability in Fiji

In August 2022, COL established a partnership with FRIEND Fiji to train at least 600 youths in skills and leadership during 2022-2023. The overall objective is to improve youths’ learning outcomes, including competencies for employment and entrepreneurship. Until April 2023, 585 youths received trainings that covered six areas – soap making, business management, organic nursery management, oil infusion, organic farm management and food processing training. 

A post-survey result showed that the majority of youths were satisfied with the trainings and felt it was beneficial.

One of the learners, who lost her job during COVID-19 participated in a soap making course. She is now selling her own soap and the profits go towards her tertiary education fees, mobile phone and printing costs.

More trainings are underway in May and June to reach more youths across Fiji.