Online Toolkit for TVET PD project

Workshop 2

Online Toolkit for TVET PD project

June 10, 2021

COL’s Online Toolkit for TVET PD project is underway. The Toolkit aims to build the capacity of people working in TVET systems in Pacific countries (it will not be used by learners). Through initial consultation with stakeholders, it was agreed that the main users of the Toolkit will be TVET trainers/teachers, TVET institution managers and employers of TVET trainees. Stakeholders identified a number of problem statements that the Toolkit could help build Pacific TVET practitioners’ capacity to overcome such as ‘I want to become better at competency-based assessment’ or ‘I want to reduce gender-based stereotypes for TVET’.

We have now selected Skills Consulting Group from New Zealand to develop the Toolkit and set up a Stakeholder Group to advise on the next phases of the project, so that we can be sure the Toolkit is relevant to the needs of the Pacific. The Stakeholder Group, with representation across a diverse range of Pacific Commonwealth countries and roles in the TVET sector will help:

  • Develop guiding principles and values for the Toolkit
  • Prioritise existing problem statements to define the scope of the Toolkit
  • Assess resources for suitability for the Pacific context and advise on customisation and creation of supplementary materials
  • Give feedback on prototypes
  • Advise on the project proposal process.

The Stakeholder Group members meet online between June and mid-July 2021. There were three workshops conducted so far during which the Stakeholder Group members reviewed the draft of the Guiding Principles and gave their feedback on the prototypes of the platform.  

Workshop 1

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