New guide on integrating OER in teaching in the Pacific

Resource-based learning is a pedagogical approach in which learners are provided with varied and multiple resources which engage them in the learning process. Instead of passively listening to the teacher or taking notes from the chalkboard, learners work with the resources which can improve motivation for learning. And integrating OER into teaching provides an effective way to implement a resource-based learning approach, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

This “Guide for integrating OER in teaching in the Pacific” assists teachers in the Pacific to integrate Open Educational Resources (OER) into their teaching. This guide is divided into five topics:

  • Topic 1 Developing a framework for hybrid/blended learning in schools
  • Topic 2 Customising OER to meet learner needs
  • Topic 3 OER for blended learning
  • Topic 4 OER for inclusive learning
  • Topic 5 Using OER effectively