Call for Proposals: Skills and Leadership Training for Youth, Women and People with Disabilities

The Commonwealth of Learning, through its Skills and leadership training for youth, women and people with disabilities project will engage NGOs in the Pacific region to leverage Open, Distance, and Flexible Learning by developing structures and strategies to deliver leadership and vocational courses. The goal is to contribute to more equitable access to training and learning opportunities in the region by supporting marginalized learners and improve the youth’s knowledge and skills in leadership and vocational areas.   

This project is part of the Partnership for Open Distance and Flexible Learning in the Pacific initiative supported by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, New Zealand.

COL invites organisations to submit their proposals by focussing on the following Terms of Reference:

  1. Develop short online courses in technical skills, entrepreneurship, self-employment, and leadership: A set of 5-10 short online courses, in technical skills, as well as entrepreneurship, self-employment, skills and leadership, will be developed. The courses and materials will be translated in local languages where relevant.
  2. Support and empower young people to access and complete the courses and link them to employment opportunities.
  3. Work in collaboration with the Ministries of Education to market the courses, targeting youth with or without disabilities, including young men and women. It is envisaged that 5,000 youth will be trained in 5 countries between 2021 -2025, with an average of 1,000 youth per country. 
  4. Interested organisations should submit a proposal focusing on at least two countries, but not more than three.
  5. The project does not make provision for purchasing hardware such as computers and laptops.

The Proposal form should provide a broad plan which include:

  1. What context specific courses will be developed or adapted.
  2. How the organisation plans to deliver the courses in the different contexts.
  3. A broad timeline for the project including the various project steps and deliverables.
  4. A budget.
  5. Any other information which may inform COL’s decision.

 Closing date for calls for proposal is 22 April 2022. Queries or proposals are to be submitted to